Beyond 911: A New Era for Policing

Beyond 911Malcolm K. Sparrow, Mark H. Moore & David M. Kennedy
Basic Books, New York, NY, USA, 1990

Publisher's Description

With fear and violence spiraling out of control in our major cities, with private security agencies and even vigilantism proliferating, and with the police themselves overworked and frustrated, new ways of doing police work are urgently needed. Beyond 911 is at once a report from the front and a guidepost to future action. Drawing on the experiences of innovative chiefs and departments in cities as diverse as Los Angeles, Newport News, Virginia, and London, the authors explore fresh new approaches to policing that hold real hope not only for better crime control but also for major improvements in the quality of urban life. The authors tell extraordinary stories of drug-infested neighborhoods reclaimed for families and children at play, crumbling housing projects pulled back from the brink, simmering racial conflicts dissolved--all in ways society can be proud of. This is not more policing, but better policing; not tougher policing, but smarter policing. Beyond 911 analyzes and interprets these early forays into a new style of policing to provide, in the words of eminent police scholar Herman Goldstein, "a superb, engaging, and highly readable course in the critical issues in policing." Can the police transform themselves into an effective and praiseworthy democratic institution? Can they adopt the culture, management practices, and strategies that will let them make a real difference in our troubled cities? Can they forge the vital partnerships with communities and cities they need for a comprehensive approach to urban ills? The authors, using clear language and compelling examples, argue that they can, and they show how to take the first steps toward a promising new era for policing.

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