Imposing Duties: Government's Changing Approach to Compliance

Imposing DutiesPraeger Books, Westport, Connecticut, USA, 1994.

Publisher's Description

Policing, environmental protection, and tax administration have much more in common than practitioners in these areas often recognize. In this book, Sparrow draws out remarkable parallels in the ways these professions are adapting to meet their current challenges, as they reject their traditional reliance on retrospective case-by-case after-the-fact enforcement. Rather than perpetuating their dependence on processes, procedures, and "coverage," these professionas are each developing new capacities for analyzing important patterns of noncompliance, prioritizing risks, and designing intelligent interventions using a much broader range of tools. Sparrow extracts the essence of the transformations underway, explores the critical implications for information management, and lays out the issues that need resolution before the emerging compliance strategies can reach maturity.

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