I am an economist at the Harvard China Project on Energy, Economy and Environment and Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) working on productivity measurement and environmental policy analysis.

At the China Project, based in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, we constructed a multi-sector model of the Chinese economy to analyze energy and environmental policies. Our papers related to China environment and economic growth are listed on the right panel.

My work on measuring and projecting US productivity growth are listed under "US Economic Growth and productivity" (co-authors: Dale JorgensonKevin Stiroh (NY Fed) and Jon Samuels (BEA) ).

Our numerical model of the US economy (Peter WilcoxenRichard Goettle,  Dan Slesnick and Jorgenson) -- IGEM, Intertermporal General Equilibrium Model, has been used to analyze environmental, trade and tax policies.        List of papers. Click here for our contributions to the analyses at the EPA Climate Change Division.

For another listing of papers by this group please go to Dale Jorgenson's webpage and click on "Recent Papers". Some data for our productivity studies may be found on the Harvard Dataverse. Our contribution of U.S. productivity data to the European Union Productivity Project may be found on their webpage, EUKLEMS. Recent updates are at the World KLEMS webpage. Work on productivity comparisons with Canada may be found at the Industry Canada website.

I am also a visiting scholar with Resources for the Future.

Curriculum Vitae

Intertemporal General Equilibrium Model