Curriculum Vitae

Mustapha Kara-Ali is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Science and Religion at Harvard University


Prior to his Postdoctoral Fellowship appointment at Harvard Divinity School, Dr Kara-Ali won the Australian Endeavour Award for his doctorate (2013) on science and religion. His PhD Dissertation on the history and philosophy of Arabic science has been considered a pioneering study, as it brought together discussions on the three foundational disciplines of epistemology and philosophy of science, linguistics and religious hermeneutics to study the foundations of the Scientific Revolution.

Mustapha has presented his research in papers at Harvard University, Oxford University, Notre Dame University, Melbourne University, Sydney University, the Lowy Institute for International Policy, and various other government and academic forums and conferences. Prior to his affiliation with Harvard University, Mustapha was associated with the American University of Beirut, the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

As part of his teaching and community engagement, Dr Kara-Ali runs a community educational program that provides human and intellectual development. Prior to that he led a number of community development initiatives in Australia and the Middle East.

Mustapha completed his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (2001) at the University of New South Wales (Honours class) with a dissertation on human cognitive modelling and Artificial Intelligence and a Computer Engineering degree with honours class from the same university during which he was awarded a CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industry Research Organisation) Intern Scholarship.

Dr Kara-Ali was born in Tripoli Lebanon in 1976, and he holds dual Lebanese and Australian citizenships.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)