I will be starting my own lab at the Rowland Institute at Harvard! I am looking for a post-doctoral fellow to join me - please see the lab website for more information: www.mackenziemathislab.org

Please note, this page will no longer be updated, so please visit my lab's website.

I completed my PhD in the laboratory of Professor Naoshige Uchida in the Center for Brain Science & Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University (March 2017). My thesis work was focused on uncovering the neural circuits and mechanisms underlying sensorimotor learning. My work was partially funded by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (dept. news).

Previously, I worked in the labs of Hynek Wichterle and Christopher Henderson at Columbia University to build in vitro models of ALS using motor neurons generated from human stem cells, which was generously funded by Project A.L.S..

You can find my publications on Google Scholar