Dr. Kim’s primary focus is the development of assistive robotic devices for improving mobility and quality of life through integrative approaches of numerical dynamic models, machine learning techniques, experimental testbeds, and controlled human-subject experiments. At present, she works on developing assistance methods to enhance balance and walking economy using wearable devices (e.g., exoskeletons and prostheses). As a part of this effort, she is also interested in using those devices to understand further an impaired gait and advance training methods of motor function. In line with this research, Dr. Kim also explores the control of autonomous devices (e.g., legged robots).
Dr. Myunghee Kim joined as an assistant professor at UIC Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. She received her Ph.D. degree from Carnegie Mellon University and held a post-doctoral appointment at Harvard University. She was a control engineer in humanoid robotics at Samsung. Her work on “An ankle-foot prosthesis emulator with Control of Plantarflexion and Inversion-Eversion Torque” was awarded Best Paper Award in the Medical Devices category at ICRA 2015.