A Napadow Lab Halloween!

October 31, 2021
Happy Halloween! Some lab members braved the chilly weather for a Halloween party in the Navy Yard on Friday. There were sweet treats and of course costumes! Here's to a great rest of the Fall, and hopoefully some more excuses for warm apple cider!  
Mike and Alessandra talking science with an attendee

The Napadow Lab at Fan Expo

September 13, 2021

Fan Expo Boston is a three-day convention for comic books, film, television, cosplay, video games, and more. This year, the Napadow Lab was invited to opearte a booth representing Mass General Brigham research, with collaborators in Dr. Paolo Bonato’s lab at Spaulding Rehab Hospital. Members of our team gave demonstrations of some of our lab equipment and talked about our research, and Roberta and Ale dressed for the occasion! Our group had so much fun, and we hope to return next year. 

The Napadow Lab has a new home

September 1, 2021

As of today, September 1st, 2021, all Napadow Lab members are officially employees of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital! This follows Vitaly's appointment as Director of Spaulding's Scott Schoen and Nancy Adams Discovery Center for Recovery from Chronic Pain, an accomplishment we are all so proud of. Lab responsibilities will remain largely the same, but we are in the process of physically moving to Spaulding, and hope to be settled there by Spring 2022.  The Napadow Lab is excited to start on this new adventure and continue researching on behalf of those living...

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Andy & Ali join Napadow Lab as RAs

August 9, 2021

This summer, the Napadow Lab welcomes two members of the Class of 2021 as full-time research assistants! Andy Bolender graduated from Bowdoin College with majors in Biochemistry and Government and Legal Studies. His scientific background is genetic and molecular biology, and he will be working on the Napadow Lab's investigation of brain activity and gastrointestinal physiology. Ali Goldstein graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Neuroscience. Her undergraduate research focussed on epigenetics and pediatirc neuroimaging, and here she will be working on the...

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Vitaly discusses the Patient-Clinician relationship on Qiological Podcast

May 25, 2021

On episode 201 of the Qiological podcast, Michael Max hosted Vitaly Napadow as the featured guest to discuss acupuncture, neuroimaging, and the importance of the relationship between a clinician and the patient. The discussion dives into aspects of these topics that range from observations of psychosocial analgesia all the way to how we assess concordance between brain signals recorded from two people! Give a listen ...

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Napadow lab pipeline to BU graduate schools strengthens

April 20, 2021

This september Mack and Harris will both be starting graduate studies in the Boston University Biomedical Engineering PhD Program! They follow closely on the heels of Kylie Isenburg, who transitioned from the Napadow lab to the BU Graduate Program in Neuroscience last fall. If this pattern continues to follow an exponential distribution, we can expect to have 512 lab members starting at BU in the fall of 2030. However, if this trend is linear, we should expect only 11. 

Limitations: this model includes only a small sample (N=3) and should be interpreted with caution....

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Sarasa joins Napadow Lab as a new post-doc

March 25, 2021
Sarasa Tohyama migrated south from Canada to Boston early this spring to join the Napadow Lab after completing her PhD at the University of Toronto. We're glad to have her expertise in DTI and neuropathic pain as she contributes to our project that combinds mindfulness and neuromodulation. We look forward to her continued growth in the Pain NeuroImaging field! 

Hyperscanning study featured in Martinos Center Research Updates

March 15, 2021

The Martinos Center recently published a short news article giving a brief synposis of our fMRI Hyperscanning study investigating the patient-clinician interaction. This piece includes commentary from Vitaly and Dan-Mikael Ellingsen, a former post-doc of the Napadow Lab. For a more in depth view of this research, see our recent research article published in Scientific Advances last October. ...

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Vitaly Napadow promoted to full Professor at Harvard Medical School

March 12, 2021

Vitaly Napadow has been promoted to Full Professor of Radiology by Harvard Medical School! For anyone who knows Vitaly, it's unsurprising that he meets an impressive achievement with humility, responding that "this is an honor I'll share with all of those currently in my Lab and former Lab members. Science is a team sport, and it's been a privilege working with you all." The entire lab is incredibly proud, but this sentiment is most aptly expressed by his trusty sidekick: Bobiq. 

Vitaly interviewed about Acupuncture effects and mechanisms in the context of Pain

October 22, 2020

Vitaly was interviewed by Dr. Sutherland for an article that recently in the IASP news publication, RELIEF. He discussed the innovations in acupuncture research that enable appropriate comparisons to sham placebo treatments as well as putative mechanisms of how acupuncture might work to reduce pain. The full article is available here: ...

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