Lab Members

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Principal Investigator

Vitaly Napadow, PhD LicAc

Vitaly Napadow, PhD LicAc

Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Director, Center for Integrative Pain NeuroImaging
Past President, Society for Acupuncture Research

Vitaly Napadow is an Associate Professor at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in...

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Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
149 Thirteenth Street, Rm 2301
Charlestown, MA 02129

Junior Faculty

Research Assistants


Vi Le, B.S.

Research Assistant
At the Martinos Center, I study the biological basis of pain, working primarily with patients who have Trigeminal Neuralgia and migraines. I recently graduated... Read more about Vi Le, B.S.

Collaborators and Affiliates

Harvard Medical School, Anesthesia
Hannover Medical School, Somatosensory and Autonomic Therapy Research
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Anesthesiology 
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital, Psychiatry
University of Michigan, Anesthesiology & Internal Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Medicine
Logan University, Radiology
Massachusetts General Hospital, Gastroenterology
Harvard Medical School, Radiology
Kyung Hee University, Biomedical Engineering
University of Pittsburgh/UPMC, Pain Medicine Program

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Clinical Research Program Manager

Jessica Gerber, MAc

Jessica Gerber, MAc

Research Acupuncturist - MGH/HST Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
Brigham and Women's Hospital Pain Clinic
Teaching Faculty - New England School of Acupuncture
My original education and professional development were in the field of manufacturing engineering; later on specifically design...
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p: 617-724-1992


Post-Doc / Visiting Faculty

Florian Beissner, PhD
Wei-ta Chen, MD
Steve Cina, LicAc
Gaelle Desbordes, PhD
Rupali Dhond, PhD
Dan-Mikael Ellingsen, PhD
Catherine Hubbard, PhD
Hyungjun Kim, PhD
Jieun Kim, PhD
Kyungmo Park, OMD PhD
Florian Pfab, MD
Changjin Jung, PhD
Jaqueline Lutz, PhD

Research Assistants:

Michael Berry
Jaehyun Im
Lauren LaCount
Ang Li
Alexandra Libby
Ishtiaq Mawla
Ekaterina Protsenko
Calvin Yeh


Maya Barton-Zuckerman
Melanie Fu
Isabella Garcia-Fischer
Maya Makarovsky
Maryann Samson