Laura is a lecturer in History & Literature at Harvard. As a teacher, scholar, and organizer, she is committed to celebrating and creating sites of study and gathering within and outside institutions.

Laura teaches literature, film, cultural and social history, and education. As an instructor in History & Literature, she is teaching a seminar on Radical Education, which considers education as a site of radical imagination, abolition, and worldbuilding. Over the last few years, Laura has been a visiting faculty member at Deep Springs College and Tidelines Institute, where she has taught courses on Reimagining Education and Freedom Dreams, Radical Visions and Otherwise Worlds, and has facilitated study groups and workshops as part of many community-based projects. 

Her scholarship looks at histories of experiments in education throughout the twentieth century, drawing on social movement history, literary studies, art history, film studies, histories of education, and critical pedagogy. Her dissertation, "Visions of Study: Social Architectures of Insurgent Learning," moves by way of artists and visionaries—Augusta Savage, Noah Purifoy, Ericka Huggins, and others—and considers the ways they brought people together to both imagine and bring about other worlds through projects like the Harlem Community Arts Center, the Watts Towers Art Center, and the Black Panthers' schools. 

Outside the university, Laura collaborates with artists, writers, and community organizers to host poetry readings, film screenings, and experimental gatherings within cities, organizing projects like the Oakland Summer School, There Will Always Be Soup, the Library of Study, Flash Seminars, and Night Poems.