Conference/Workshop/Symposia Presentation from 2010-2016


2016     "Fictive Kinship as a Technique of Governance in Contemporary Vietnam: Hung Kings and the Global Economy," Panel 44: Harnessing Foundational Myths: Hùng Kings in Three Vietnams, 1965-2015 – Sponsored by the Vietnam Studies Group, AAS Annual Conference 2016, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A, March 31 – April 3, 2016, 2016.

2015     “Fictive kinship as a Technique of Governance: Hùng King’s legend and neoliberal capitalism in Contemporary Vietnam”, American Anthropological Association 114th AAA Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A, November 18th – 22nd, 2015. (paper in English).

2015     “Fictive kinship as a Technique of Governance: Hung king’s legend and neoliberal capitalism in Contemporary Vietnam”, SOAN Fall 2015 Colloquium Series, “Anthropologists from the Dept. of Social Anthropology Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU), Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Metropolitan State University of Denver, U.S.A, Nov. 16, 2015.  

2015     “Fictive kinship as a Technique of Governance: Hùng king's legend and neoliberalism in contemporary Vietnam”, 2015 Annual Conference on Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan on “Monsoon Asia: The past and Present of Southeast Asia”, The Academia Sinica, National Tsing Hua University, TAIWAN, 11th – 12th June, 2015. (paper in English).

2014     “Fictive kinship as a technique of governance: The worshiping national ancestors (Hùng kings) in Vietnam”, International Asia Folklore Society (IAFS): International Forum on Chung Yeung Festival and Asian Filial Piety & The 15th International Asia Folklore Society Conference, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, CHINA, 20th– 23th September, 2014. (paper in English)

2014     “Vietnamese as a homogeneous nation: The legend of Hung kings and the politics of identity”, The 9th Asian Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian studies, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE, 25th June – 27th June, 2014. (paper in English)

2014     “Hung kings myths and ideological struggle to establish Vietnamese identity”, IUAES2014 inter-congress: the future with/of anthropologies, International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Chiba, JAPAN, 15th-18th May, 2014. (paper in English)

2013     “The revival of Hung kings myths in contemporary Vietnam”, American Folklore Society 2013 Annual Meeting, American Folklore Society, Providence, USA, 16th-19th Oct, 2013 (paper in English).

2012     “Những tư liệu về nguyên quán Lý Công Uẩn - Từ góc nhìn phê phán sử liệu” [Where is Lý Công Uẩn’s homeland: A critical view of historical documents], Cultural interactions between Vietnam and East Asia: Some case Studies, hold by College of Social Sciences and Humanities (Vietnam National University) in Hanoi, Harvard-Yenching Institute (Harvard University), and Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hanoi, VIETNAM, 13th-20th May, 2012 (paper in Vietnamese).

2012     “Về khái niệm “Văn hóa thủ sao bản” của Điền Hiểu Phi” [On the concept of Xiaofei Tian’s Manuscript Culture], The workshop “Comparative Literature in the Reform Period in Vietnam”, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, VIETNAM, Nov 2011 (paper in Vietnamese).

2011     Nguyen Phuc Anh 阮福英, “Vietnam Kinh Ethnic Group’s Đình Cultural Space and Worship of Tutelary Spirits: A Case Study of “đình Thanh Nga”, Thanh Hóa Province 越南京族的亭文化与城隍崇拜:对清化省、菁莪亭研究, The workshop "Ethnography of Kinh ethnic group", Fengchenggang city, Guangxi, CHINA, 14th July, 2011 (paper in Chinese).

2011     “Tứ thư ngũ kinh đại toàn và vị trí của chúng trong khoa cử truyền thống Việt Nam” [The Complete Interpretation of the Sishu - Wujing 四書五經大全 and its position in Vietnamese traditional examination], The international conference “Vietnam and China: Cultural and Literary Interrelation in History”, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh city, Ho Chi Minh city, VIETNAM, 21st Sep, 2011 (paper in Vietnamese).

2011     “Hiện tượng diễn nghĩa phá chú và vấn đề tác giả phần diễn nghĩa của Dịch kinh đại toàn tiết yếu diễn nghĩa” [The contradiction between Nom-interpretations and exegeses in Chinese: Examining the real author of Yijing Daquan Jieyao Yanyi (易經大全節要演義), The workshop “Nom Scripts and Confucian Classics, Hanoi: College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University-Hanoi, Hanoi, VIETNAM, Aug 2011 (paper in Vietnamese).

2010     “Xu hướng kết hợp Trình – Chu trong Dịch học Đông Á” [Examining tendencies of combining Chengyi (程頤)’s and Zhuxi (朱熹)’s Zhouyi-Studies (易學) in East Asian classical studies (東亞經學)], The workshop “Zhuxi and East Asian Confucianism”, Hanoi: College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University-Hanoi, Hanoi, VIETNAM, Aug 2010 (paper in Vietnamese).