Ruslan V. Nikitin is a health policy analyst at Harvard Catalyst’s Community Engagement Program (Harvard Medical School), working closely with Dr. Karen Emmons and Dr. Howard Koh on policy projects.

In addition to providing policy research consultations, Ruslan recently led the content development and creation of the Policy Atlas – a free, web-based catalogue of policy data that is designed to facilitate health policy research by making data more accessible and easily searchable (release in Spring 2021). Another area of contribution was the creation of ThinkResearch Community Engaged podcast series that aims to effectively translate evidence into practice and meaningfully engage and empower community partners in research.

Ruslan is also a PhD candidate studying the effects of social networks and personal relationships on type 2 diabetes and unhealthy alcohol use among middle-aged and older adults. He is a pre-doctoral National Institutes of Health, NIAAA trainee and 2020 Social Networks & Health fellow at the Duke Network Analysis Center. Ruslan holds master's degrees in Social Policy and International Health Policy and Management from Brandeis University.