Slides from a few selected talks:

1. Improved inference for vaccine-induced immune responses via shape-constrained methods (presented in the  HIV reading group, Harvard Biostatistics, Nov 19, 2021)

2. Finding the Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regime Using Fisher Consistent Smooth Surrogate Loss (presented at  the Statiscs and Data Science Seminar,   University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sep 27, 2021)

3. On location estimation for symmetric log-concave densities  (old version) presented at ISRU Seminar Series, Indian statistical Institute, Kolkata on June 21, 2018

Slides from a few presentations at reading groups:

1. On convex sets (presented at  convex analysis reading group on Sep 1, 2020)

2. Local semicircle laws: discussion on Erdős et al. (2009)  (presented at random matrix reading group on May 13, 2020)

3. Kernel ridgeless regression: discussion on Liang, T. and Rakhlin, A. (2018) (presented at deep learning reading group, Nov 3, 2019)