List of Scholarships

I'm a strong believer in capacity advancement. In no particular order, please find below a list of international scholarships available for aspiring students (especially aspiring Indonesian students).
As a living document, I regularly update this running list of the following scholarship opportunities. Please note: I am not affiliated with any of these scholarships or organizations. Best of luck to you.

United States Scholarships
1. Fulbright United States Scholarships (link)
2. Cooke Foundation Scholarships (link)
3. Harry S. Truman Scholarships (link)
4. The Voice of Democracy Scholarships (link)
5. Pickering Foreign Affairs Scholarships (link)
6. Kennedy Scholarships (link)
7. The Breakthrough Junior Challenge (link)
8. Davidson Scholarships (link)
9. The Regeneron Science Talent Search (link)
10. U.S. National Merit Scholarships (link)
11. The Society for Women Engineers Scholarships (link)
12. Equitable Excellence Scholarships (link)
13. Posse Foundation Scholarships (link)
14. University Women Scholarships (link)
15. Girls Inc. Scholarships (link)
16. Rankin Foundation Women's Scholarships (link)
17. World Economic Forum Global Leaders Fellowships (link)

International Scholarships
1. World Bank Scholarships (link)
2. Asian Development Bank Scholarships (link)
3. Rhodes Scholarships (link)
4. LPDP Scholarships for Indonesians (link)
5. RISTEK-DIKTI Scholarships for Indonesians (link)
6. Erasmus EU Scholarships (link)
7. Chevening United Kingdom Scholarships (link)
8. Australia Awards Scholarships (link)
9. Japan MEXT Scholarships (link)
10. Netherlands Government Scholarships (link)
11. Global Korea Scholarships (link)
12. Taiwan Scholarships (link)
13. Germany DAAD Scholarships (link)
14. New Zealand MFAT Scholarships (link)
15. Canada Vanier Scholarships (link)
16. France Scholarships (link)
17. Singapore Scholarships for citizens of the ASEAN (link)
18. Commonwealth Scholarships (link)
19. Palantir Scholarships (link)
20. Google Scholarships (link)
21. Marshall Scholarships (link)
22. Gates Cambridge Scholarships (link)