Nisan Ozana is a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Nisan’s research focuses on developing novel acoustical and optical sensing methods for functional and clinical neuroimaging.

After his MSc in electrical engineering, Cum Laude, Nisan Ozana continued on to PhD research in Prof. Zeev Zalevsky’s group at Bar Ilan University, Israel where he focused on investigating and developing remote photonics bio-medical sensing methods of nanometric vibrations.

As a PhD visiting student at Yale University, in collaboration with Prof. Joy Hirsch at The Brain Function Laboratory, Nisan developed and demonstrated a remote photonic sensing method based on temporal and spatial acoustical changes for sensing of cerebral hemodynamic changes.

For his PhD work, Nisan received several prizes: The Wolf Foundation Prize for PhD students, The Prize4Life award, The US-Israel Binational Science Foundation Visiting PhD Award at Yale University.

After receiving his PhD, Nisan joined Prof. Maria Angela Franceschini’s group at Harvard Medical School and MGH\Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology, Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. His postdoctoral research focuses on developing  optical neuroimaging systems for functional imaging and brain computer interfaces. His posdoctoral research marks one of the first-ever applications of SNSPDs in a biomedical setting. For his postdoctoral research Nisan won the Research Excellence Award by the fNIRS Society.