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NikitasVeritas @ HarvardScholar, also known as Harvardscholar.org, is the personal academic website of Niki Lanter, a degree candidate studying Economics, Finance, and Mathematics at the Extension School, through the Division of Continuing Education, under the umbrella of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University (wow, that's a mouthful).

This website is powered by OpenScholar, a site-builder application "designed for academics and academic institutions." OpenScholar at Harvard is free to use by individual scholars or by centers and departments affiliated with the University. The Harvard Gazette wrote a nice feature article called OpenScholar: A Harvard Invention, which you can read to learn more about this home-grown tool. Computer Weekly published this informative piece back in 2015.

Niki loves OpenScholar, and is an advocate of the platform to her fellow students. She enjoys tinkering with and learning more about the various OpenScholar apps and site features. For additional information on how you can create your very own customizable academic website, please visit OpenScholar. Check out some of the other scholar sites at https://scholar.harvard.edu/websites.

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