Website FAQ

Here are some answers to (what I imagine would be) Frequently Asked Questions about the site. Feel free to send your questions to

1. What is is Niki Lanter's pet project, a hobby, a creative outlet. It's a personal academic website and blog. It is hosted and powered by OpenScholar at Harvard.

The full web address is Visit the main "About" page for a brief overview of the site and the author behind it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although you may see some of my work on student government websites, most of which are likely cross-promoted here to increase web exposure and expand student community outreach, this site ( is in fact not HESA or HGC. Please also note that personal opinions and thoughts expressed on this website are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, professors, or the University.

UPDATE: As of April 2017, I decided to change the site name to "NikitasVeritas @ HarvardScholar" from "" to avoid any confusion with this site's affiliation with University organizations at an official capacity. There is none. Although hosted through the University systems, content on this website is managed and maintained by a student (hi, it's me). The domain names and are registered through GoDaddy, and are owned by same said student (yep, still me).

2. Who created and who maintains this site?

With the help of some pretty cool and user-friendly apps in OpenScholar, I was able to put together most of what you see here myself. This started out a plain and simple web page, which slowly blossomed into the site you now so kindly visit. Of course, I do have a background in web design and development, which makes tinkering with this site effortless and really quite enjoyable.

HarvardScholar continues to grow and evolve, and I expect this place will go through a number of metamorphoses before I grow tired of it, and move on to the next hobby.

3. How long have you been developing sites?

I started tinkering with web design and development back in the late 1990s, and did it professionally for several years. Although I had a background in CIS, I found coding in HTML and CSS much more rewarding than computer programming. I enjoyed it so much that there were nights when I dreamt in code. It's sort of like those times when one dreams of pivot tables and nested, conditional formulas in Excel... You know, like you do.

5. Where do you get your images?

Images and photographs in the Galleries area, as well as the banner photo you see on each main section of the website, came mostly from my camera, phone, or scanner. Some pictures (especially those with me in them) were snapped by family, friends, or colleagues. In some cases, content submitted for cross-promotion will already include photos from the source. The stock photos I use on Events, Musings or News are purchased from

6. Can you help promote our project/event?

Probably. I'll be happy to help give your project or event some exposure and social media boost, if appropriate. You are welcome to submit your event details, press releases and accompanying images via email for review and consideration.

7. Can you help me with my OpenScholar site?

If time permits (semester breaks are a good time to check with me), I welcome the opportunity to do some light edits, or initial design and layout setup on other OpenScholar sites. I've tinkered enough with mine that I'm open to a refreshing change. Email me to start a discussion.

8. What does the motto on your footer mean?

"Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis" is a Latin maxim that means "All things change, and we change with them." It is one of the guiding principles in my life, which serves as a reminder that in order to move forward and grow, I must be flexible and willing to change.