CSCI E-3 Introduction to Web Programming Using JavaScript

This course provides an introduction to web development by way of the essential language and runtime environment that powers modern web interfaces. Through a series of examples and projects, students learn basic programming concepts while building an understanding of the power and complexities of JavaScript, which can perplex even experienced web developers.

The course provides a solid foundation in computer programming in JavaScript: syntax and data structures, conditionals, objects, scope and closures, Ajax, the DOM, and event handling. Students gain an understanding of the popular libraries that power rich web applications such as jQuery, VueJS, and others.

Upon completion, students are prepared to use JavaScript libraries in their projects, write their own or extend existing JavaScript libraries, and build rich web applications using these powerful tools.

PREREQUISITES: No computer programming experience is required, though exposure to basic HTML and CSS is helpful. (Suggested: CSCI 12 Fundamentals of Website Development)

Laurence P. Bouthillier, MS, Executive Director, University of British Columbia Extended Learning

Artie Barrett
Robert Frenette
Alain Ibrahim
Miné Spears