ECON E-1920 Capital Markets and Investments

Students are exposed to the framework of modern portfolio theory and investment analysis with which one can critically evaluate alternatives relating to investing in financial securities and construct portfolios with desired risk/return characteristics. The course examines capital markets and fundamental models used in securities analysis and portfolio management.

Topics include financial instruments, the organization of securities markets and trading, modern portfolio theory, asset pricing models, market efficiency, behavioral finance and technical analysis, bond valuation and the management of bond portfolios, valuation of equities, active versus passive investing, the role of derivative securities in investing, and performance evaluation.

MGMT E-2000, or the equivalent course or experience; a course or courses in quantitative methods such as basic statistics or college algebra. Proof of English proficiency is required of students whose native language is not English.

Bruce D. Watson, MA, Master Lecturer in Economics, Boston University and Lecturer in Extension, Harvard University

Rob Munger

Investments (11th Edition) by Zvi Bodie,‎ Alex Kane,‎ and Alan J. Marcus

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