MATH E-4 Mathematical Modeling with Spreadsheets I

Mathematical modeling uses a variety of mathematical tools to represent and explain a wide range of real-world situations. Modeling involves the use of algebraic expressions, graphs, and statistics to represent critical elements of complicated systems. When done well, it can provide a powerful method for understanding such systems as well as to predict future behavior of these systems.

In this course we employ the highly versatile structure of spreadsheets to explore and develop a wide range of mathematical models involving topics from finance, biology, and physics, among others. This course builds on the basic arithmetical, algebraic, and graphing skills developed in MATH E-3 and is intended for students who want to develop more applied mathematical skills, expand their expertise in the use of spreadsheets, or enroll in MATH E-8 in the future.

MATH E-3 or the equivalent.

Eric Connally, BA, Principal Engineer, Illustrative Mathematics

Elaine Rudel and Ilinca Hirtopanu (grader)