Webmaster and Developer, Gartner Consulting


JUN 2000 – APR 2003 | Gartner Consulting | Stamford, CT

Oversaw daily website operations, special projects, content management, modifications and enhancements, user interface design and templates maintenance, site performance and usage trends analyses.

  • Masterminded front- and back-end web optimization projects. Balanced design and performance considerations for the Intranet cyber libraries integration and revamp strategy.
  • Led the creation, evaluation, pilot testing, and deployment of innovative, web-based and alternative media tools. Developed ways to leverage new and existing technologies by working with consultants and systems analysts.
  • Successfully launched projects to upgrade and optimize UltraSeek Enterprise Search engine, Net-It Publishing system, and web user interface design.
  • Screened web developer candidates; conducted interviews and onboarding procedures; supervised junior staff. Provided technical consultation and training to associates, management, and systems support personnel.
TOOLS: Adobe Acrobat Pro, CSS, FileMaker Pro, Inktomi/UltraSeek Enterprise Search, HTML, Interwoven TeamSite, JavaScript, Macromedia [acquired by Adobe] (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Freehand), Microsoft Office Suite, Net-It Central Publishing System (DMS to Web), NetMeeting, PC Anywhere, Photoshop, Virtual PC, WebTrends Analytics

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