Systems Analyst, Gartner Consulting Worldwide Operations


JAN 2003 – APR 2004 | Gartner Consulting Worldwide Operations | Trumbull, CT

Functioned in a dual-role as Systems Analyst and Webmaster during the first quarter of the year after getting promoted. Improved workforce utilization, workflow transparency, compliance and overall organizational efficiency.

  • Proficiently managed various aspects of consulting operations, including the Gartner Alignment Tool, Staff Training & Development, Referral Incentive Program, Reward & Recognition Program, and Worldwide Stringers.
  • Performed due diligence, and collaborated with other business units to implement various strategies and projects. Acted as the main liaison between the Systems & Technology Group (STG) and global consulting organization.
  • Conducted new hire interviews, trained associates, and effectively delegated and utilized resources. Contributed to process efficiency by helping formulate and implement standards and best practices.
  • Analyzed, audited, and compiled Executive Dashboards; Key Business Indicators; Financial, Operations, and Workforce Performance Metrics. Prepared actual and forecast time reports for a more effective resource allocation and improved utilization.
TOOLS: Access, Excel, Outlook (with Form Design), PowerPoint, Word, Adobe Acrobat, FileMaker Pro, PC Anywhere (Remote Access), NetMeeting, Photoshop (more tools under Webmaster position)

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