Recommendations for Financial Business Analyst

"Niki is a detail oriented financial analyst, a tireless worker and a fast learner. She quickly identified the key drivers of the business, and presented data, analysis and conclusions in order to be most relevant and actionable for her internal customers."

-- Mat Stover, President and CEO, LKM Ventures, LLC (Aug 2009)


"Niki's work was consistently top-notch as a Business Analyst. She had solid business and analytical skills that helped her to effectively present and communicate data and information to management. She was also a natural when it came to computer skills and systems - a great asset to the Finance Team!"

-- Kevin O'Hare, Chief Financial Officer, The Antara Group (Aug 2009)


"Niki is a detail oriented Analyst who was willing to do whatever was needed to provide essential sales tracking and key performance indicator reporting to the executive team. Niki's ability to build relationships with all levels of the organization plus her excellent knowledge of Excel greatly assisted her ability to provide timely and accurate data. Niki was also instrumental in improving our bonus payment tracking processes, setting up templates and tracking systems to ensure sales managers were paid on time and correctly. I greatly appreciated that Niki was very organized, so that if I ever needed more detailed information about something she had worked on, I could easily obtain it."

-- Roger Boneno, Vice President, Portfolio Management, Sunnova Energy Corporation (Aug 2009)


"Niki's fantastic reporting and analysis was extremely beneficial in helping me run a large sales organization. Niki is able to analyze sales numbers quickly and accurately. Her reports are always attractive and easy to read. Niki would be a great asset to any organization, especially a sales organization."

-- Jim Mills, Vice President of Business Development, Allure Energy, Inc. (Aug 2009)


"Niki was a vital part of our sales success at ypOne. She was responsive and had outstanding customer service skills. She worked quickly, accurately, and consistently delivered helpful reports that enabled us to manage the business more effectively. There were numerous times when we needed detailed reports 'yesterday.' Niki always found a way to get it done and did so with an incredibly positive attitude. She worked hard and long hours. Any organization needing a dependable, talented, and hard working financial analyst would be well served to have Niki be a part of their team."

-- Dan Whitfield, Major Account District Manager, ADP (Aug 2009)


"Although Niki and I worked in separate groups. I had the opportunity to engage in professional meetings occasionally and I found her very diligent and detail oriented in her work. She was responsible for accurate and timely reporting of key business facts to both the corporate and sales management. I often learned about her achievements, professionalism and dependability from my seniors and peers. That and my positive experience working with her gives me confidence to strongly recommend her for more challenging roles in future."

-- Junaid Jeewa, Sr. Information Technology Director, G&A Partners (Aug 2009)


"I have worked with Niki for several years and she has always done an outstanding job of helping our sales team by getting us the necessary data and reports needed to be successful. She is always eager to help in any situation and her reports are always on time, complete, and error free. She has gone out of her way to help us with new information that we sometimes need to complete marketing plans, business prospecting tools etc. I would highly recommend Niki to anyone needing a first class business analyst."

-- Rick Hyatt, Market Manager, Money Mailer Houston (Aug 2009)