Board Director, Advisor, and Social Media Manager


MAY 2010 – MAY 2015 | Nationwide

Actively served JUIG and its constituency as a Member of the Board of Directors, Board Advisor, Social Media & Web Community Manager, and Western Region JUIG Member Representative.

  • Authored and shared Best Practices, Reporting Tips, Juris FAQs and Guidelines
  • Polished BOD communique and curated web content for online dissemination
  • Participated in conferences in Houston, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Orlando
  • Increased engagement, moderated communities and promoted membership
TOOLS: Facebook, Google Apps, LinkedIn, Twitter

About JUIG

Juris Users International Group (JUIG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and educating users of the Juris financial management software.

The organization is actively involved in the LexisNexis Practice Management Annual Conferences, where Juris users can expand their knowledge of the product through instructor-led and hands-on training sessions.

JUIG members benefit most during these networking and learning events by interacting with their peers; exchanging ideas, best practices, and experiences on how to best operate a law firm to be most profitable and successful.

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