A Year in Bullet Points, More or Less

Since I've Been Gone...

A lot has happened in a year. Such is life, I suppose, when you are busy living it instead of writing about it. Here are some highlights, in thoughtfully randomized order.

  • Dodged the destructive force of Hurricane Harvey
  • Celebrated the Astros winning the World Series
  • Received a very special and unexpected gift
  • Lost something I neither wanted nor needed
  • Had to drop a wonderful and challenging class
  • Got a better-than-expected grade in a course
  • Several of my friends graduated from Harvard
  • Changed investment management companies
  • Put some money away; spent some just for fun
  • Quietly lip-synched during Hamilton on Broadway
  • Swallowed my tears watching Jagged Little Pill
  • Laughed at jokes and funny guys at Comedy Cellar
  • Enjoyed after-midnight pizza around the corner
  • Revisited dear old friends, Patience and Fortitude
  • Mourned the passing of creative, tortured souls
  • Switched minor from Math to Computer Science
  • Met a U. S. Senator who told me to stay strong
  • Saw a brighter and more focused life ahead of me

Boston view from a moving train on the Red Line

We are halfway through 2018. I have nothing deep or significant to share, really. My muse is still out on an extended holiday. Perhaps she will return soon enough, and it won't be another year until my next post.