Selecting an Expository Writing Class for the Topics Covered

Sometimes it pays to listen to your gut.

I dropped one expository writing class, which focused its theme on tropical rain forests and the wilderness, for another expository writing class, after leafing through *yawn* pages of the required textbooks (see photo).

Expo Textbooks Rain Forests

I had no idea what the replacement course was going to cover (the syllabus wasn’t available until the first week of class), but trusted my instincts that the subject would be (has got to be, pretty please) less soporific.

Good thing I listened. Our section will be covering some pretty hot topics: bioethics (bioengineering, organ trade, body as property and resource); sports (concussions, doping, college athlete compensation); law (right to die, need to kill, violence, 1st amendment); politics and terrorism (Boko Haram, Snowden, NSA secret spying); et cetera.

We had our first ‘breakout room’ team discussion this week. Despite having already run over the two hours of class, it felt as if I could continue for another 30 to 45 minutes discussing the issues at hand with my classmates and professor.

I am so glad I made the change.