Field of Study and Minor Declaration

I was absolutely delighted to receive two emails from the University today, one approving my Field of Study Proposal in Economics1, and the other my ALB Minor Petition in Finance2. Receiving the official confirmation definitely made my day!

Microeconomics Economics Finance Textbooks and Notes

The quick turnaround from school staff was unexpected and sincerely appreciated. I really thought that this was going to be a long review process, especially since the original recipient of the forms no longer works there.

Thanks to my very responsive and helpful academic advisor for following through, as well as to the school program coordinator, in less than 48 hours I got the answer I wanted, and my records were promptly updated. I now look forward to a more focused path in my academic adventure.

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1My current Field of Study GPA is 3.77, which I hope to improve or maintain.
2The minor is provisionally approved. According to the message, it will be "officially approved and appear on [my] transcript" after I complete the final course to fulfill the 16 credits required for the Finance minor.