Final Exam on the Last Day of Class

What a lovely day. Snapped this earlier today outside Currier House while waiting for the 11:30 a.m. shuttle to take me to the Yard. Spent a few hours in Lamont Library studying for my 3-hour final exam scheduled at 3:15 p.m. at Emerson Hall.

Currier House

Finally, I am done. Whew! Harvard Summer School 2022 is officially over for me. A heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders today. Yet, more than anything, a feeling of deep gratitude and honor lives in my heart. I have learned so much during the short seven weeks I spent on campus.

I almost quit and left school on that first week of class. I felt overwhelmed, too old, too slow, and like I did not belong. I was in a state of panic for several hours after my first class meeting. If not for the sensible words of caring people who encouraged me to push through the fear and doubt, I wouldn’t still be here today.