Walking Through Wide Open Doors, Part II: Pirouette Among Peers

Vanity Lane article is Harvard Gazette Editor's Pick

What an honor it has been to have another article be featured on the Harvard Gazette news website under the "Editor's Pick" and "Popular" categories. I am so proud of La'Toya for pulling off a successful show during the Harvard ARTS FIRST Festival, and thank her for being such a gracious and talented subject.

Harvard Gazette Vanity Lane Article Editors Pick and Popular

Ballerinas, both beautiful, black, and brave

This was a delightful happenstance. The Vanity Lane article appeared right next to the Misty Copeland article on the Gazette homepage. Ballerinas, side-by-side, both beautiful, black, and brave.

Harvard Gazette Vanity Lane and Misty Copeland Articles

And if you read through the Misty Copeland article, you'll notice that the next article linked at the bottom is the Vanity Lane article.

Harvard Gazette Vanity Lane Next Article