A Reason for Being

Pardon the run-on coming right for ya

Having a nice chat with my sisters about Edison and Tesla and DC and AC and EE and IT and all the glorious, mind-blowing things we get to take for granted in our daily activities, and now I am wondering if I should have stayed the course and declared Computer Science for my field of study instead of Economics...

Shortly after I posted the mental rant above on Facebook, GB, a fellow student at HES, shared the graphic below.

Japanese Ikigai (Image via Toronto Star)

A Reason to Jump Out of Bed Each Morning

My fellow learner rightly acknowledged this genuine predicament—having doubts about my primary focus of study at college—as she herself suffered through it recently. GB advised that the idea is "to focus on the center, which is the purpose of your life."

Indeed, according to an article by Thomas Oppong, ikigai is "the convergence of four primary elements," which are your Passion, Mission, Vocation, and Profession. Oppong posits that finding this center would bring fulfillment, happiness, and longevity into one's life. To discover your ikigai is to understand your reason for getting up in the morning.