It's Move-In Day at Currier House

I tossed my backpack onto one of the twin-sized mattresses in my new room for the summer. It's warm, and the box fan makes a lot of noise displacing the tepid air. Student rooms in the dormitories are not equipped with air-conditioning. Only common areas in the residential buildings have AC.

Move-In Day Harvard Summer School is fully operational again since the campus evacuation in March of 2020 due to the pandemic outbreak. Move-in protocol includes self-testing for COVID-19, and wearing masks in common areas inside student housing. We all have to do our part to keep Harvard healthy.

I am in Cambridge to fulfill the last remaining on-campus credit requirements for my degree program. After this, I can take the rest of my courses remotely. Or, I could come back to campus, if the opportunity and resources become available again. 

So, this will be my new home for the next seven weeks. Everything I needed to bring with me from Houston, I have stuffed into a backpack and a single carry-on luggage that fits inside the overhead bin of an airplane. The plan is to live simply and minimally.