Walking Through Wide Open Doors

Masquerade Ball article is Gazette Editor's Pick

This lovely lady did most of the work. La'Toya Princess Jackson, Vice Chair for Communication at HGC, often writes on behalf of the Harvard Graduate Council, contributing to the Harvard Gazette as well as other publications. Although I may have contributed a sprinkling of tidbits here and there, this was her piece, and I am grateful that she freely shared the credit.

Harvard Gazette Masquerade Article Editor's Pick and Popular

After the initial high, the rush of giddiness and pride (yes, I texted my family the screenshot, and shared it on social media) for being recognized for whatever little thing I did to earn half of the by-line on this Harvard Gazette Editor's Pick, I drifted back down to the realization that this opportunity may have come a little too easily for me.

Being part of the Harvard community opens up a lot of doors, sometimes, even when you're not looking. This is a benefit and a privilege that I dare not take for granted.