Wear a Mask and Show Yourself

Reflecting upon what it means to be here as I look toward the Masquerade Ball

I am constantly amazed at the enthusiasm and grit the people at Harvard possess. Outside of the University, many of them hold full-time jobs; take care of their families; are active in their communities; may be struggling with emotional, financial, health, or societal issues; may have various other obligations, and yet still manage to continue with their studies in an institution known to be exceptionally demanding and highly competitive.

Masquerade Golden MaskSometimes, a few of them take on even more projects, and do so with a smile.

The Harvard Masquerade Ball 2017 Committee just held its first official meeting a few days ago. But even before the group was fully formed, a lot of preliminary brainstorming and planning have already been going on in the background for weeks.

A glimpse of the work involved to organize and execute a major event such as this was recently shared with the HESA Board during our last meeting. It made me feel both relieved to be free of such great responsibilities and confident of the endeavor's success, knowing that very motivated and talented people are behind the scenes, making the magic happen.

One Night. One Harvard.

Masquerade Venetian MaskThe Harvard Masquerade Ball is one of the social events where people can unwind and enjoy the company of their peers. For one night, students from across all twelve Harvard schools come together to become One Harvard. For one night, you can forget about that uncompromising professor or that very challenging class. For one night, you can leave your worries behind to celebrate your friends and appreciate your life. For one unforgettable night, you can show up to this grand event wearing a mask, not to hide who you are, but to reveal who you can be.

If you would like to join a great team and volunteer your time to help make the Harvard Masquerade Ball 2017 a sensational success, please let us know. Thank you.