Things You Find When You Google Yourself

Several years ago, when I used to work for an energy law firm, I initiated and helped lead a large migration project to upgrade our legacy systems to the more modern and robust tools that would help our then fast-growing company to be more productive and efficient in a number of ways.

LexisNexis Juris Brochure Cover One of the systems we upgraded was Juris, the financial, billing, and timekeeping tool by LexisNexis. As a result of my involvement, I was invited to contribute to a case study, and to speak at a number of conferences in the United States, in order to share the challenges we faced, the lessons we have learned, and the successes we have achieved. This was many years ago, and I had since left the firm to work elsewhere.

The other day, I 'googled' myself to check whether some recent posts and style updates on NikitasVeritas were appearing on the world wide web. I was tickled to find a 2017 sales brochure on which a pull-quote of mine was used on the cover. Although I haven't worked at that firm for many years now, it's still nice to be reminded of the things we have achieved there, despite the many challenges we faced at the time.

LexisNexis Juris Brochure Pull Quote