Participating Professors in Harvard Extension School Brunch Event

March 27, 2017
Join us for Brunch with the Professors @ Harvard Faculty Club - April 2017
By Niki Lanter

Let's do brunch!

It's time to socialize, and share a lovely Brunch with the Professors. Join some of your favorite educators, as well as your friends from HESA, at the Harvard Faculty Club. Bring your guests, and mingle with your mentors over great food, drinks and conversation.

Announcing the participating professors in HES brunch event at the Harvard Faculty Club

The Harvard Extension Student Association is very pleased to have the following professors join us for brunch on Saturday, April 22nd between 10:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

  1. Alain Viel — Molecular and Cellular Biology
  2. Christopher Robichaud — Ethics and Public Policy
  3. Ethan Fosse — Sociology and Statistics
  4. George D. Buckley — Environmental Studies
  5. Harold V. Langlois — Business and Management
  6. James L. Frankel — Computer Science
  7. Kanwar B. Singh — Financial Accounting
  8. Kate Livingston — Business and Management
  9. Laura Roberts — Museum Studies
  10. Mark Leighton — Sustainability
  11. Mimi Goss — Communications
  12. Ned Gandevani — Finance
  13. Peter Marber — Economics
  14. Peter Pavlina — Financial Accounting
  15. Robert J. Allison — History
  16. Scott O. Bradner — Computer Science
  17. Viktoria Dalko — Business Analysis and Valuation
  18. Viney Sawhney — Finance
  19. William Milberg — Psychology
  20. Zoya Kinstler — Information Management Systems

(Last updated on 20 April 2017)

We will update this list as we receive more confirmations in the coming days. Please check back often.

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