CARC Summer Guest Speaker Series with Mo Lotman

June 21, 2017
Mo Lotman (Photo via The Technoskeptic)
CARC Communications

How Today's Tech Diminishes Our Lives

Our gadgets and big data algorithms have been sold to us with the promise of deepening our relationships and improving our lives. What if they're actually doing the opposite? Multi-tasking shortens attention. The constant pings of communication act as dopamine hits that pull us into addictive behaviors. We value our own abilities less as we rely more on automated systems that purport to be "perfect."

A special event for Harvard Extension students!

We are excited to have a very special guest speak exclusively to Harvard Extension students in Cambridge on Wednesday, July 12th from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Join published author and the publisher/editor-in-chief of The Technoskeptic, Mo Lotman, as he brings examples from research, data on tech use, and observations from life to call into question the net benefits of our smart, networked world.

Mo Lotman of The Technoskeptic (Photo by Sheldon Golder)

This 60-minute talk (with brief Q&A) is free-of-charge and open exclusively to currently registered students of Harvard Extension School. Tickets are required for event entry. Come join us for an intriguing and thought-provoking talk!

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This is event is brought to you by the Career and Academic Resources Center (CARC) at the Harvard Extension School.