Year-End Reminder: Course and Instructor Evaluations

December 20, 2018
Five Star Evaluation
By Niki Lanter

When considering which classes to take next, students typically check the Course and Instructor Ratings section on Online Services. If you've ever thought, "Gee, I wish I knew this-or-that about this course/teacher before I registered for this class," then you'd understand how these anonymous reviews can be valuable to (future) students of the course.

If you haven't already submitted your Fall Term course ratings and reviews, please do so now (or soon before the deadline). The current deadline to submit evaluations is this Friday, December 21st.

If you had a great experience and would like to encourage future or potential future course-takers to consider a class, please do share your opinions and observations. If you believe that there are certain areas that should be improved about a class—be it the course materials, platforms and tools used, or teaching staff—then providing your candid feedback is particularly important. I have always found detailed reviews to be especially helpful. Let us know what made a class great, or what made it not-so-great.

By sharing your thoughts and constructive criticisms, you can help raise the quality of education we receive, and assist other students in making an informed decision about classes they might consider in the future. Thank you for your time and thoughtful evaluations.