Masquerade Ball 2017 had the "largest attendance for a HESA event EVER!"

March 7, 2017
Masquerade Ball - Circus Performer (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
By Niki Lanter

Celebrating a significant achievement

In a message to the HESA Board from the Student Clubs & Activities Office, Ian Jackson conveyed that this year's Masquerade Ball brought "the largest attendance for a HESA event EVER!" An enormous achievement according to Jackson, the Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) has never had this large a turn out in a single event over its 16-year history at the university. The 7th Annual Masquerade Ball, which was held at the Sheraton Boston Hotel on Saturday, the 4th of March 2017, was attended by more guests than initially expected.

Guests Jumping for Joy at the Harvard Masquerade Ball (Photo by Bobby Guliani)

From the board room to behind the curtain

We recognize and are extremely grateful for the dedication, hard work, patience and fortitude of those who, despite a few challenges, made this event a triumphant one—from the organizers and every participating member of the Masquerade Ball Committee, the members of the Harvard Graduate Council (HGC), the tireless HESA directors, officers, and to all the event volunteers and entertainers. We are thankful to have Ian Jackson as our trusted advisor and friend throughout the planning process and preparations. "Being a part of the Masquerade Ball Committee was a challenging but rewarding experience," said Human Resources Co-Chair and HESA Chief of Staff, Colin Rudd. "Although we faced many obstacles, through teamwork and dedication we were able to host an amazing event with over 900 attendees."

On the scene and in the spotlight

We would like to acknowledge several wonderful people for making this exciting night possible. Thanks to Miss Boston 2017, Gabriella Taveras, for being the Masquerade Ball's lovely mistress of ceremonies. Thanks to our very entertaining and talented DJs, Alexander Padei and B'Giara, who got everyone dancing and enjoying themselves. Thanks to the amazing musical talents brought to us by the World Artists United, including Grammy-nominated R&B singer Karina Pasian, Young Dex, Elijah Jamal, and DJ Benny-Demus. Thanks to the fantastic circus performers, aerialists and contortionists. Thanks to Soraya Belgacem and her team from SYB Event Planning Services for gracefully orchestrating what we almost thought was impossible. Thanks to the New York Jet Club for donating a lavish prize of a private flight between NY and LA for two lucky ball attendees. Thanks to Bobby Guliani of Corporate Photographers for capturing the many beautiful and delightful faces at the masquerade. And to all the guests who took part in this most enchanting evening of the season, THANK YOU!

Bringing everyone together

Lastly, this event would not have been possible without the contributions and guidance of the Harvard Graduate Council. We appreciate the council's efforts to make this year's Masquerade Ball a very successful and unifying event. HGC was instrumental in helping bring together students and affiliates from the 13 Harvard schools as part of the #WeAre1H campaign. For one enchanting night at the ball we were “One Harvard.”

Select Photos Highlighting the Event

Masquerade Ball - Circus Performer (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball - Masked Guests (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball - Miss Boston & Friend (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball - Guests Enjoying the Party (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball - Miss Boston as the Event MC (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball - Masked Guests (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball - Masked Guests (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball - Raffle Winner (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball - Soraya B with World Artists United (Photo by Bobby Guliani)
Masquerade Ball (Colin Rudd with The Kellehers)
Masquerade Ball (Colin Rudd and Amanda Hatcher)
Masquerade Ball (Colin Rudd and Olivia Chen)

Photos 1-9 courtesy of Bobby Guliani. Photos 10-12 courtesy of Colin Rudd.
To view more photos visit Bobby Guliani's Facebook Page.

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