The 7th Annual Masquerade Ball and #WeAre1H Campaign

January 30, 2017
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Masquerade Ball Committee Communications

CAMBRIDGE MA, January 30th — The Harvard Graduate Council (HGC) today announced it's #WEARE1H Grassroots Campaign in conjunction with the 7th Annual Masquerade Ball coming this March 4th.

The campaign highlights inclusivity and diversity across the 13 Harvard Schools through multiple grassroots and content creation efforts on campus and online.

"We're thrilled to shine a mirror on Harvard and celebrate the many different types of people that make up this incredible community,"said HESA President and Masquerade Ball lead organizer Misan Oteri. "This is a special place with special people from all walks of life. We want to show everyone just how amazing and lucky all of us are to have one another."

The 7th Annual Masquerade Ball, spearheaded by the Harvard Extension Student Association and with the support of HGC, will be held at the Sheraton in Boston on Saturday, March 4, 2017. The event will feature dozens of student acts from across Harvard. For more information, visit the Masquerade Ball website. Early bird tickets are going fast—get yours today!

In the coming weeks leading up to the Masquerade Ball, watch out for the slogans 1H and WeAre1H. There will be many opportunities to participate in the celebration. Check with your student government representative, or email Alex Olapade, the director of the "WeAre1H” campaign, for more information on how to become a WeAre1H volunteer ambassador.