Mentions & Publications

La’Toya Princess Jackson and Niki Lanter. 3/23/2017. “Masquerade Ball puts One Harvard up front.” Harvard Gazette. Publisher's VersionAbstract

With more than 900 in attendance, the Masquerade Ball reinforced Harvard Graduate Council's mission of One Harvard, bringing together students from the 12 graduate and professional Schools, as well as College students from across campus.

LexisNexis Marketing. 2/15/2017. “Improve Your Firm Operations and Productivity with Juris Professional Services Packages.” LexisNexis Juris Professional Services. Download Article (PDF)Abstract

Partner with our World Class Professionals to get the results you desire. Our Juris Professional Services team provides world-class services and solutions that help improve your operations and maximize profitability. And, now with Juris Professional Services Packages, we can be your dedicated go-to team, available to help you solve your biggest challenges and speed decision making.

This 2017 marketing brochure uses a pull-quote of mine on the cover. Related blog post: Things You Find When You Google Yourself. UPDATE: It appears that LexisNexis reused the quote for the 2018 Brochure (PDF) as well.

Niki Lanter. 2013. “Talking Points: Advantages of Implementing Efficiency and Leverage.” In ABA TECHSHOW 2013. Hilton Chicago, Chicago, IL. Download Article (PDF)Abstract

An aggressive, organic growth prompted Sadler Law Firm to rethink its approach to firm operations, and to re-engineer and streamline its internal workflows. With appropriate change management, and guidance from the LexisNexis Juris Professional Services team, the firm ultimately achieved measurable, positive results.

During the ABA TECHSHOW's Lunch & Learn Session, "Increase Firm Profitability: Know Which Levers to Pull First," my panel discussion focused on the advantages of implementing efficiency and leverage. I shared examples of how optimizing talent and technology can help law firms achieve increased productivity and better profitability while reducing costs.

Loretta Ruppert, Michael Wasco, and Tyler Chapman. 2013. “Driving Profitability Forward: How to get the money-making gears moving in the right direction.” LexisNexis: Making Your Practice Work for You. Download Article (PDF)Abstract

As a law firm stakeholder, you affect your firm’s profitability every day, with every move you make. And probably more importantly, you affect it with every move you don’t make; which is actually much better news than you may realize.

Once you understand that you affect your firm’s financial picture even by doing nothing, it becomes easier to take positive action instead of sitting back and hoping good things happen. The five “gears” of law firm profitability, and their movements, are all firmly in your hands. It’s merely a matter of fine tuning each one, one at a time, to get them all working smoothly together.

This publication references content, which I contributed to a case study that was conducted by LexisNexis about Sadler Law Firm LLP in 2012. See pages 16-17.

Neil J. Squillante. 11/28/2012. “Juris Suite and Professional Services Team Help Power Law Firm’s Financial Surge.” TechnoLawyer TechnoRelease. Download Article (PDF)Abstract

Sadler Law Firm had practically everything going its way, including a Top Ten spot on Houston’s Fast 100 List for 2012 by the Houston Business Journal. Practically everything, that is, except the sophisticated financial management processes that would help the firm best manage all that growth. For that, they turned to Juris Professional Services and Juris Suite financial management software.

The Juris team helped Sadler improve processes to the point that they increased their total year-to-date fees billed by $10.2 million as of June, 2012. Six months and a $10.2 million increase in billing fees? Sounds like a story worth reading.

This publication references content, which I contributed to a case study that was conducted by LexisNexis about Sadler Law Firm LLP in 2012.