Solve at MIT: Women and Technology

June 16, 2017
Woman in Science Lab Coat Conducting an Experiment
Message from SolveMIT, via Donna Tremonte, ABCD-WIT Co-Chair

How can women and girls of all socioeconomic backgrounds use technology to fully participate and prosper in the economy?

That’s the guiding question behind the Women and Technology challenge at Solve, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that identifies and supports lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. This year, the Solve community aims to unearth and support innovative solutions that advance economic opportunities for women and girls.

Currently accepting ideas that:

  • Improve connectivity and technology access for women, particularly in underserved areas
  • Increase women’s financial inclusion through access to digital payments, savings, investment, and insurance
  • Increase opportunities for dignified income generation in nontraditional sectors and through access to new supply chains and new markets
  • Correct for bias and heuristics, whether in the workplace or within communities

If you have an idea that addresses the Women and Technology challenge, submit your solution to Solve’s open innovation platform by August 1, 2017. Selected finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas in New York City in September 2017, where a panel of expert judges will invite the most promising solutions to become Solvers - innovators who enjoy access to and support from Solve’s community, comprised of leaders and change-makers who have the resources, the expertise, the mentorship, and the know-how to get each solution piloted, scaled, and implemented.

Solve issues their challenges for anybody from around the world to apply. This is a unique opportunity to join a community that is addressing the most pressing challenges of our time. Learn more at