Summer Social Events at Harvard

June 3, 2017
Wine and Cheese Event
By Niki Lanter

Who says summers at Harvard have to be all work, intense studies, and no fun?

Will you be on campus this summer? Then, you're in luck! While some of us will suffer through the hot, humid and swampy climate of the southwestern United States, those of you spending a New England summer on campus and surrounding areas will be pleased to know that the Harvard Extension School's Student Clubs & Activities Office and the Career and Academic Resources Center (CARC) have organized a number of summer social events for your enjoyment.

Summer Social Events (she's had more than just a glass, I think)

May you have an exciting time and a productive learning experience at Harvard. Stay cool and connected this summer by participating in the following events.

School-Sponsored Events:

Program-Specific Events:

Social Activities:

For updates on these events and more ways to connect with fellow students, please visit the Harvard Extension School Summer Events page.