Scratch Project: Happy Hippo Hunting Game

 When Doves Cry Edition
Happy Hippo Hunting Game: When Doves Cry Edition

Click image above to launch the game on Scratch 2.0
(Requires Flash to Run)


Your quest is to hunt 100 flying purple Happy Hippos by poking them with the Wizard's wand! In this edition, Peaceful Doves might get in the way. Avoid poking the peacemakers, or it will cost you 2 points for every dove that cries.


  • Poke the hippos with the tip of the Wizard's wand
  • Poke 100 Happy Hippos and you win  :-)
  • Let too many hippos escape and you lose  :-(
  • Points are lost When Doves Cry
  • Score below zero and you lose (avoid doves early)


  • GREEN FLAG starts the game
  • LEFT ARROW moves Wizard to the left
  • RIGHT ARROW moves Wizard to the right
  • LEFT+DOWN moves Wizard with wand pointing left
  • RIGHT+DOWN moves Wizard with wand pointing right
  • SPACEBAR stops the game

For every milestone you reach, the scenery will change, and the sprites will descend a little bit faster. Full screen viewing is recommended (bigger and better). Good luck, and have fun!

Notes and Credits

First time using Scratch (and loving it)! This project is part of a problem set in my Fall 2018 CS class with DJM.

Purple Hippos made me think of Purple Rain by Prince, which gave me the idea to include the doves:

Scratch tutorial on "Catch Game" helped get me started:

Thanks for playing! :-)