The Way I See It #160 - Imperfect Partners

When we pick people who are not as perfect as we are

"Sixty-nine percent of all problems in relationships are unsolvable. They are about differences in personality or needs. They never change. When you choose someone, you have inherited the problems you will have for the next 50 years. Unfortunately, we pick people who are not as perfect as we are, so relationships work if you have wound up with perpetual problems you can learn to live with."

-- Dr. John Gottman, Author and scientific expert/researcher on marriage, relationships and family.


About the Photo

This photograph was taken some time in August 2006. There isn't a lot of context captured by the close-up shot here. But, I have a feeling the coincidental reminder appeared on my coffee cup some time around the event of the mysterious flying toaster that may have gingerly kissed a corner of an acoustic guitar owned by my then-boyfriend. Said boyfriend has long been promoted to husband, and we've been together for eleven years... Thirty-nine more to go.