The Way I See It #184 - Poorhouse

Only an idiot sets out to find the poorhouse

"My father said being an artist was the shortest road to the poorhouse, claiming 'real' work is something you don't like. I ignored him through oppositional behavior, later reasoning that only an idiot sets out to find the poorhouse, not to mention devote himself to something he doesn't love. Instead, I discovered an interesting back road to the unknown, and deliberately without a safety net."

-- Russell Chatham, Painter, lithographer, author, publisher and restauranteur.


About the Photo

This photograph was taken some time in January 2007 at one of our old apartments in Houston. The porcelain old man playing the guitar belonged to my then-boyfriend (now husband), probably given to him as a gift from a relative. I thought that it was visually appropriate to the inspirational quote of the day, and so included it in this picture. In the background is a Maxwell House coffee can repurposed as a coin receptacle for the occasional loose change discovered in pants pockets or the laundry dryer machine.