The Way I See It #285 - Musical History

Expose our children to our rich musical history

"Let’s do a better job of exposing the children to our rich musical history, so they know more than hip-hop samples of artists like Curtis Mayfield, Jackie Wilson and Billy Preston. Help them appreciate Duke Ellington and his peers, like Count Basie, for being more than lyrics in a ‘back in the day’ Stevie Wonder song."

-- Sam Moore, Recording artist. His songs can be heard on Starbucks XM Cafe Channel 45.


About the Photo

After sifting through old digital photo albums to bring together my collection of TWISI memories for the web, I suddenly remembered that I had saved many Starbucks cups in a forgotten cupboard in the kitchen. So, on this second day of April 2017, I share some of the remaining words of wisdom on paper cups I once collected.