Novall is a Software Engineer at Apple. She's most known for her work on the Apple Weather app for iOS 15. She's also influential in the tech community (@NovallSwift on Twitter).

Novall has 9 years of mobile app programming experience and 2 years of Human-Computer Interaction research experience. Novall is an expert in building elegant interfaces and highly performant software; in the course of her career she has written and maintained 12 apps for universities, hospitals, and Fortune 500 companies. Notable apps and agencies she's worked with include Splitwise where she built the Apple Watch app featured on the App Store, OpenCityShapeUp Inc., and WillowTree Apps.

Prior to software development, Novall conducted UX research on educational technologies with the Schacter Memory Lab at Harvard University,  a project that stemmed from the Harvard Initiative for Learning & Teaching. Novall was also a member of the Scientists' Discovery Room Lab at the Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, where she contributed to the Life on Earth Project, a biodiversity software project for museum digital touchtables.

Novall's co-authored publication, Interpolated memory tests reduce mind wandering and improve learning of online lectures, has been featured in Scientific American, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, and Harvard Gazette

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I'll be speaking at CocoaHeads Boston on September 12th, 2019! This will be a preview of my talk at NSSpain. Hope to see you there!

My latest iOS post on Medium: 2 new settings to support in your iOS 13 apps.

I'm excited to announce that I'm starting a venture with the support of StartUp Worcester, an initiative by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, on June 1st, 2017.

Thanks to Bart Jacobs for this article, 10 Leading Women in the Cocoa Community!

Professional Experience



NSSpain (September 19 - 20, 2019). How to Build an App For Everyone. Summary: For developers, accessibility often means supporting features for a small subset of users. Instead, I propose redefining accessibility as building features that work for everyone. We'll dive into new tools and APIs to support accessibility in iOS 13, and look at applying principles of universal design to improve everyone's user experience. Full talk available on Vimeo.

try! Swift (March 1 - 3, 2016). Swift Compiler Integration in LLDB. Summary: Everyday debugging becomes even easier with advancements to LLDB and the swift compiler. Learn new tricks with the debugging console, handling errors in Swift expressions, and stopping when specific Swift error types occur. We’ll also explore improved data formatting, named breakpoints, and more! Full talk available on Realm.

CocoaConf DC (April 10 - 11, 2015). Summary: With the launch of Xcode 6, Apple introduced an exciting new interactive feature called Playgrounds. Learn how to use playgrounds for everyday code development, including algorithm development, drawing code, and processing code. We’ll delve into the XCPlayground framework and see how to enhance playgrounds by manually capturing values and showing live views. We’ll also talk about the use of playgrounds for learning Swift, and how to get the most out of it with the Swift Tour.

CocoaConf Boston (November 14 - 15, 2014). Speaker, Xcode Playgrounds.

Providence Mobile Development Group (October 22, 2014). Speaker, All Things Swift.

Pearl Hacks, University of North Carolina (March 22, 2014). Mentor and Speaker, iOS Development.



Szpunar, K. K., Khan, N. Y., & Schacter, D. L. (2013). Interpolated memory tests reduce mind wandering and improve learning of online lectures. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  110(16), 6313-6317. doi:10.1073/pnas.1221764110

Khan, N. Y., Greene, M., & Chen, S. (2009). Conquering Vocab. Decatur, GA: A Little Life Lesson’s Book.

Overview: Conquering Vocab applies research in the cognitive sciences to lexical comprehension & memory with a focus on attention, encoding, and context.