nick_headshotI am currently a postdoc at Harvard, with a Junior Fellowship from the Harvard Society of Fellows. My current research focuses on the quantum mechanics of dissipative systems of interacting photons, quantum nonlinearities in condensed matter systems, and its applications for quantum technologies.

Before that, I completed my PhD in the Physics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016-2022), as a Computational Science Graduate Fellow of the US Department of Energy (2016-2020) and a Dean's Fellow of the MIT School of Science (2020-2022). My primary thesis supervisor was Prof. Marin Soljacic, but I have also worked closely with Prof. John Joannopoulos (MIT) and Prof. Ido Kaminer (Technion), as well as many others (see publications). 

In 2016, I received my Bachelor's degree in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012-2016).  For my bachelor's thesis, I received the LeRoy Apker Award of the American Physical Society (citation: "for important advances in the field of photonics and exceptional leadership of the Society of Physics Students").