Scaling Up Single-Cell Proteomics


Slavov N. Scaling Up Single-Cell Proteomics. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2022;21 (1) :100179.


Single-cell tandem MS has enabled analyzing hundreds of single cells per day and quantifying thousands of proteins across the cells. The broad dissemination of these capabilities can empower the dissection of pathophysiological mechanisms in heterogeneous tissues. Key requirements for achieving this goal include robust protocols performed on widely accessible hardware, robust quality controls, community standards, and automated data analysis pipelines that can pinpoint analytical problems and facilitate their timely resolution. Toward meeting these requirements, this perspective outlines both existing resources and outstanding opportunities, such as parallelization, for catalyzing the wide dissemination of quantitative single-cell proteomics analysis that can be scaled up to tens of thousands of single cells. Indeed, simultaneous parallelization of the analysis of peptides and single cells is a promising approach for multiplicative increase in the speed of performing deep and quantitative single-cell proteomics. The community is ready to begin a virtuous cycle of increased adoption fueling the development of more technology and resources for single-cell proteomics that in turn drive broader adoption, scientific discoveries, and clinical applications.