Students on the market in 2019

Name: Juan Sebastian Galan
Fields: Economic History, Political Economy, Economic Development
Job Market paper: "Tied to the Land? Intergenerational Mobility and Agrarian Reform in Colombia"
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Name: Soeren Henn
Fields: Political Economy, Economic Development
Job Market paper: "
Complements or Substitutes: State Presence and the Power of Traditional Leaders"
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Former Students/Advisees

Marcella Alsan, Associate Professor, Stanford University

Natalie Bau, Assistant Professor, UCLA

Julia Cage, Assistant Professor, Sciences Po

Guilherme Lichand, Assistant Professor, University of Zurich

Sara Lowes, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

Eduardo Montero, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Edoardo Teso, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Jonathan Weigel, Assistant Professor, London School of Economics