MUSE E-142: The Body in the Art Museum





FORMAT: 2-credit half-term online (live) web conference. Registration starts July 26.

TIME: Tuesdays, 5:10-7:10 pm

START DATE: Oct. 19, 2021

NOTES: This course meets via live web conference. Students must attend and participate at the scheduled meeting time. This course meets for a half term, October 18-December 18.

Artists have always engaged with the body, but how are we to engage with their work in the context of the art museum? This course takes advantage of the world-class collections at the Harvard Art Museums to consider artistic approaches to the body as both subject and object. We take a critical approach to understanding how works of art related to the body are curated, exploring broad issues in critical museology and actively examining how the body has been conceptualized, contextualized, represented, and materialized in works of art across media, time, space, and culture. The format of this course involves close looking, sketching, active discussions, critical viewing, and participant presentations.